Youth Council

Introducing the Pueblo Food Project Youth Council, comprised of high school and college age students, excited to make a difference in our community with the Pueblo Food Project!

Youth Food Council

Kimie Amaya-Dunkin
I'm 16 and a high school junior, I play guitar and I really love doing any sort of community service or volunteer work. I plan on being an animator when I'm older, and I really love doing any sort of art. my favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs The World and my favorite show is the twilight zone! My favorite fruit is cherries!
Elouise Armijo
My favorite fruit is mango. My favorite veggie is broccoli. When I was younger I began sewing and now I have my own small business called Drip By Lo. I've always had a mindset to help everyone and everything I could. I love everyone and everything so I'm always super bubbly and not afraid to make a new friend.
Libbie Eborn
I am currently a junior doing concurrent enrollment at South High School and PCC. I play volleyball and golf and I love all things film oriented! My favorite vegetable is broccoli and my favorite fruit is raspberries!
Anjel Garcia
I attend Centennial High School and I am class of 2021. My favorite fruit is cantaloupe. Outside of school, I am usually working or working out. Music has always been a major part of my life and can’t live a second without listening to a song. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially during the holidays.
Geonna King
I attend Pueblo South High School and I am going to be a 2020-2021 graduate! My favorite fruit is pomegranates! I really enjoy dance, traveling, and psychology. I also look forward to volunteering within and out of my community! I am on the committee for the Pueblo Youth Council to contribute towards improving the accessibility and understanding of the food system for the Pueblo community!
Hallee Ocaña
I am currently a Senior at Centennial high school. My favorite veggie would have to be a toss up between broccoli and cucumber. I have been doing volunteer work within our community for about five years now. I'm in Centennial's JROTC program as the Battalion Commander. As of late, I've been working my way to paying for college to study nursing.
Jacelyn Trujillo
I am a freshman at Colorado-State University-Pueblo. I am here on an athletic scholarship for softball and an academic and Kane scholarship. It is my goal that I graduate with a master's degree in Business Marketing. After graduation, I plan to have built my own business enough to bring money and value back to the community of Pueblo, Colorado. my favorite fruit is Watermelon!
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