April 19, 2021

Pueblo Food Project Blog #3

Blog by Megan Moore
Reflection from January Meeting. Topic: Conversations Around Hunger

During our January Pueblo Food Project coalition meeting, the group was asked to discuss ideas around hunger, after learning about the current status of hunger and how it's affecting out communities each group had a lot to say!

Many commented on the importance of talking about hunger in a way which all individuals can understand. One group noted the education should be “centered on human dignity, and lived experience to break stereotypes.”

Other topics focused more on how people can talk about hunger in an effective way and whether it is beneficial to share personal stories. Groups acknowledged that they do their best to communicate hunger needs but aren't positive if they are communicating the big picture. One group noted specifically that hunger, “is a community issue, not just an individual issue.”

People were also able to share their own stories of hunger. A group member said they felt as if they had "no choices, no freedom of choice, it affected their mental health, they had self-worth issues around what I/we “deserve” - including feeling healthy."

The conversation concluded with an understanding that Pueblo Food Project needs to  “Bravely use new language and without avoiding the conversation & should stand up and speak out.”

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