June 2, 2021

Nonprofit makes sure moms have a homecooked meal


Posted at 4:44 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 7:14 AM, May 08, 2021

PUEBLO — The Pueblo Food Project is delivering 1,000 means to a dozen local organization, ensuring that moms in need have quality meals this Mother's Day.

“Mothers day, ya know is a very special day, and they deserve all the love they can get, and we thought - why not add something extra!” said Monique Marez, the Coordinator of the Pueblo Food Project.

As much of the meals as possible was locally sourced, including fresh Gagliano's Italian Sausage.

“The asparagus was harvested two days ago, the radishes were harvested yesterday, the buns were made last night, the sausage was made two days ago!” said Marez, proudly supporting Pueblo's locals.

The Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo County is just one of the organizations partnering with the Pueblo Food Project. who spent roughly four hours of their Friday delivering meals.

“I’ve been working here for a few years now, and I haven’t seen anything like this. It’s such a great… I don’t know, breath of fresh air!” said Patience Ruiz, Director at the East Side Boys and Girls Club.

“It’s, ya know, showing our kids like, supporting local, farmers, and our companies here as well as how that looks bringing it home."

Kids from the club excitedly helped unload all of the food from the truck. Ruiz went on to praise the Pueblo Food Project for the work they are doing.

“Especially what’s going on this year, to see other organizations stepping up and helping the community and the organizations that work within the community, so.. I don’t know… I love it!”

The Pueblo Food Project says they are looking forward to growing and connecting with more organizations in the community. If you want to get involved with the nonprofit's efforts, Marez says you can reach out to them over Facebook.

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