Local Food Economy

What is a local food economy? 

 A local food economy considers all the aspects that allow food to make it from farm to table.  This includes farmers, processors, distributors, chefs, grocery stores, restaurants, policy makers, sanitation and waste management, institutions serving food to large numbers of people like universities, hospitals, and prisons, and of course eaters like you.  Everyone plays a part in the local food economy every time you eat.  There is a whole value chain that makes a food system work.  The activities of this value chain are often described as the food economy.  A local food economy is one that prioritizes products that are produced and sold locally and its often the case that the find end users of the food, the eaters themselves know exactly where the food came from and even who grew it, processed it, and cooked it.  Strong local food economies create jobs, community connection, and resilience in the food supply chain.

Strategic Pillars 

Thriving Local Food System – Pueblo nurtures the growth of a resilient local food supply by incubating and supporting food and farm enterprises

Prosperous Future – Pueblo fosters training and career opportunities and institutional partnerships that build a capable workforce for the local food system

Vision for the working group

Our vision is  a sustainable and economically viable local food system that supports and grows producers, processors/manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of local food to capture Pueblo County market share and promote the region more broadly throughout Colorado and the US.

Purpose of the working group

Create a pathway for food and beverage enterprises to navigate starting, scaling and growing their businesses in the Pueblo Community, and to support those endeavors.


  • Market scans to assess current and potential opportunities to grow food business
  • Development of a local food business incubator program


To join this working group email info@pueblofoodproject.org


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