What is Food Food Environment 

We believe improving agricultural soils, reducing the impacts of local land and water use, and the environmental footprint from non-local food in the County is critical to our work.

Strategic Pillar 

Engagement for Influence - Pueblo provides a structured, community-driven means to develop, implement, and influence food policy decisions in local organizations and local and state government.


Ensure equitable access to affordable, nutritious, food, for everyone in our community that is culturally relevant, geographically convenient, and sustainably produced,  through creative solutions, strong county-wide coordination, and community input.


The Environment Working Group represents the community perspective on environmental concerns, accomplishments, and opportunities across the Pueblo County food system leading us to a region in which food is nutritious and accessible for everyone and natural resources are managed in a way that maintain ecosystem functions to ensure present and future generations live in security, and have control over their livelihoods and equitable access to resources which they use in an efficient way.



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