Colorado Health Foundation Implementation Grant

The Pueblo Food Project was awarded a planning grant from the Colorado Health Foundation in October 2019. That planning grant led to 4 activities, the creation of this website, a food access survey, a market scan, and the creation of an implementation plan.

The Food Access Survey outlines how Puebloans access food, what they buy, and where they buy it. It also discusses what they would like to see change in our food system, and where they would purchase food if they could. This survey and assessment was done in partnership with Institute for Research In the Social Sciences ( and Colorado State University - Pueblo.
Read the report HERE

The market scan investigated what food and farm entrepreneurs and existing businesses need to grow their business here in Pueblo.  In partnership with Philosophy Communications,  the firm responsible for the Colorado Proud initiative, the Pueblo Food Project launched a survey across 92 food businesses and 9 different types of food business in Pueblo. The results showed that Pueblo food and ag makers are most interested in marketing and distribution support.
Watch the webinar HERE

Finally our planning grant allowed the Pueblo Food Project  coalition to develop Community Based Solutions to improve our food system.  This process culminated in the development of an implementation plan.  We entered a competitive grant cycle with the Colorado Health Foundation with our implementation plan.  The Pueblo Food Project was selected for a $200,000 award to make our plan on a page come to life.  Take a look at the implementation plan HERE.

We are excited to work with every member of the Pueblo Community to help improve our food system.  Please join us!  Share your opinion via this FORM, join our monthly coalition meeting, or participate in a working group.  All are welcome and appreciated.
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