What is Food Advocacy

To ensure bringing a myriad of voices to this work, the Advocacy Working Group will take an active role to secure community engagement from throughout Pueblo County and the communities therein.   This means developing strategic partnerships and sharing resources with organizations who represent groups underrepresented by the Pueblo Food Project, but impacted by Pueblo Food Project work.  Building strong relationships across all sectors of the food system is crucial.

Strategic Pillar 

Engagement for Influence - Pueblo provides a structured, community-driven means to develop, implement, and influence food policy decisions in local organizations and local and state government.


The advocacy working group amplifies our community voice that takes positions and has influence  on food policy within city, county, state, and institutional spheres.


The Advocacy Working Group will support the Pueblo Food Project coalition to develop, deliver, and evaluate advocacy campaigns on policy and project priorities defined and desired by coalition members and other working groups.


  • Cultivate pipeline of effective food system leaders who actively participate in the Pueblo Food Project and serve on the Pueblo Food Council
  • Develop capacity building toolkit for coalition led initiatives
  • Execute consulting like services to create an advocacy plan for priorities brought forward by the coalition - in partnership w/ SBDC
  • Host outreach meetings for new target audiences 
  • Establish and maintain key relationships across spheres of influence
  • Host meaningful and informative quarterly calls for key sectors, such as  food business owners, institutional food buyers, congressional staffers at state and federal level

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